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Azalea Care for Beautiful Blooms


Azalea Ready for Planting:

pink azalea growing in a pot

I purchased the above azalea from my local Aldi store; yes, they do carry some plants from time to time. It is hard to tell by the above image, but there is actually two different colored plants in this pot. That makes it a little unique, so that is the one I wanted. I prefer to plant azaleas in the spring, but you can also plant them in the fall. Since I live in an area that has some cold winters, spring is the preferred planting time here in order for the roots to get established before the killing frosts.

preparing the hole for planting an azalea

Planting Azaleas:

When preparing to plant your azalea, remove the mulch (if you have it) in the area where you want to plant. Dig a hole twice as wide as the plant you are going to place in it. You do not want to dig down too deep. That is a mistake many make by planting the azalea too deeply. You want the top to be even with the soil around it. If your soil is of poor quality, you may want to improve the soil by incorporating  a product called “garden soil” that is a topsoil, compost and a loosening agent all in one that would work well.

plant set in the hole before backfilling

As you can see from the above image, I have landscape fabric down as a weed barrier. This is something my husband put down a few years ago. I have mixed feelings about using this product. It makes planting more difficult, but it does keep some of the weeds out. If you are dealing with landscape fabric, just cut back as much as necessary to dig your hole to the proper size as indicated above. You also want to be sure and place the plant with the most attractive side facing outward before you start back filling the soil.

a beautiful pink azalea planted

My azaleas are planted on the east side of my house. There, they get morning sun and are shaded in the late afternoon. If your azaleas are planted in a shady spot, they probably will not bloom. Likewise, they do not like full-day sun in my part of the country which is zone 6.

Azalea Care:

Azaleas like an acidic soil. You can buy fertilizer specifically for azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. I will feed my azaleas right after they have completed their bloom cycle. Your azaleas will probably need some shaping and pruning. Do this also right after the blooming cycle. If you wait much longer, you will be cutting off blooms for next year. With the proper Azalea Care for Beautiful Blooms, your azaleas will give joy for many years.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.