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Decoupage on Wood Birdhouse with Trim


Decoupage on Wood Birdhouse with Trim

decoupage on wood birdhouse with trim 2 shows the decorated birdhouse along with other outdoor decorations

I had a plain painted birdhouse in my craft supplies for a couple of years just waiting for the right inspiration to do something with it. While looking through some magazines I had, I realized that some of the floral pictures were just stunning. Why not take those stunning clippings and create my Decoupage on Wood Birdhouse with Trim?

Decoupage, which is the art of decorating objects with paper cutouts, is a craft that has been around since the 18th Century. So it has been around for a really long time.

decoupage on wood birdhouse with trim 3 shows the supplies used for this project

I used Mod Podge as my decoupage medium because it is readily available. You can find it at the dollar store. I originally started using a sponge brush to apply the Mod Podge, but I found that I had better control and got better results with just using my finger to apply. There is a fine line between not using enough Mod Podge (which will cause wrinkles), and too much Mod Podge (which will remain tacky).

decoupage on wood birdhouse with trim 4 shows the process of applying Mod Podge over paper clippings on the birdhouse

To finish my project, I wanted to add trim around the edging of the birdhouse. Around the base of the birdhouse, I used the Mod Podge on the trim. I did not care for it on this part of the project. I believe the trim was too heavy for the Mod Podge. Around the top edge of the birdhouse, I used a craft glue. I liked this application much better.


Step 1: Start with a clean, smooth, wooden surface that has been painted with an acrylic paint and allowed to completely dry.

Step 2: Find your paper designs in magazines, scrapbooks, wrapping paper, etc. Just remember that a thicker paper works best and will give you less wrinkles in the finished project. Cut out the designs you want to use, and place these on the wood to get an idea of where you want to add these on.

Step 3: Using your finger as an applicator or a brush or sponge brush, apply a somewhat thick coat of the Mod Podge to an area where you want to add the clippings. Continue adding all the cutouts you want to add in this way. Smooth as many of wrinkles out as possible.

Step 4: Let the project dry for about 20 minutes before adding a top coat of Mod Podge. Allow that coat to dry 20 minutes, and add another coat of Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Spray the entire project with a clear-coat Acrylic spray. Allow to dry, and spray again.

Step 6: If you want to finish off with a fabric trim, I suggest using a craft glue to add this.

decoupage on wood birdhouse with trim 5 shows the completed birdhouse and the craft glue used for the trim

Decoupage on Wood Birdhouse with Trim

The possibilities are endless with decoupage. You can work with many different materials, and still come out with excellent results. Just remember, the better quality paper you use, the better your project will turn out. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Decoupage on Wood Birdhouse with Trim. If you are wanting more on decorating, see my post on DIY Lampshade Design. Mod Podge has a great post with more ideas on decoupage you might like to check out 10 Decoupage Ideas with Napkins.

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Thursday 4th of March 2021

Great article and instructions! I wanted to say, I have dozens of the black sponge brushes, different sizes, but hardly use. Besides your fingers for craft glue, Decoupage, Mod Podge, a great alternative is craft wooden popsicle sticks. I use these for everything. They come in at least 4 or 5 sizes, but the really small allows you to get in tight spots. Working on birdhouses, switchplate covers, flower tags now. But bought a 100 year old farm house, the 80 yr old garage is just in terrible shape, has 10 huge windows with sills, it's like an old barn. I bought the cement you mix with water and tried, for days, to use the trowels. Then I grabbed 2 sizes of popsicle sticks, a S and a L. I NEVER went back! You can repair ALL that cement with just the popsicle sticks. I filled in where an old furnace was in the basement, huge scary hole, finished with cement and the sticks. Plus, you could use them to make other stuff, like a bar house, but they are so useful.


Friday 5th of March 2021

Thanks for the input Jennifer. I will have to get me some popsicle sticks for whatever comes up.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.