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Dianthus Care-Sweet William

Dianthus Care-Sweet William is a reference for planting, growing and caring for Dianthus-Sweet William.

dianthus care-sweet william 2 shows a rock and flower border

I have been growing Dianthus-Sweet William in the front of my house since I moved in seven years ago. There are many reasons why I have chosen to continue to grow this hardy plant. This plant does very well here in zone 6. In fact, Dianthus grows well in zones 3 through 8. Read on for more about Dianthus Care-Sweet William.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Dianthus I had planted the first spring I was here began to flower the next spring. After all, when you purchase them you assume they are annuals since they are sold in the small four or six-size transplant trays. I have found that they will come back one or two more years before they have spent their life–making them a biennial.

Now let’s talk about adaptability. The area where I plant these flowers is very inhospitable. The previous owner put down heavy landscaping block along the bed and then filled in with red rock. When I plant, I scoop out as much of the rock as I can and cut the landscaping block to get to a little of the soil which is very compact. I plant them the best I can, push the rock around the plant and hope for the best. These plants do get a lot of hot afternoon sun, so watering at least a couple of times a week is a must. But I am always amazed at just how resilient these plants are.

This plant blooms best in the spring, but will bloom a couple more times in the summer and fall. You cannot go wrong with Dianthus-Sweet William. If you would like to grow Herbs to use in your recipes, read my post on Herbs 101.

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Dianthus Care-Sweet William:


dianthus care-sweet william 4 shows established plant

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.