DIY Gifts for Christmas with Solar Lights

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Not many people know that solar lights will actually work inside your home. DIY Gifts for Christmas with Solar Lights will give you some excellent ideas for that gift giving.

diy gifts for christmas with solar lights 2 shows my kitchen window decorated with the project

DIY Gifts for Christmas with Solar Lights

I love solar lights and I love creating with them. And when you can purchase them for $1 each, you can really create something very inexpensively with a few crafting supplies and a little imagination. This how-to instruction is really to provide inspiration.

These are the BEST diy gifts for Christmas, and here is why:

  • I can almost guarantee that no one else will give such a unique gift.
  • This project goes together very easily, and does not require much of your time.
  • You could make several with small changes to make each one uniquely special.

To make DIY Gifts for Christmas with Solar Lights, you will need:

  • wooden base – I used a repurposed spice rack
  • solar lights – you may have to ask for these at the dollar store or home improvement store since they are out of season
  • clear votive candle holders – mine came from Dollar Tree at 3 for $1.00
  • floral spray decorations
  • mini Christmas decorations – I used glittered Christmas bulbs from Hobby Lobby
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue – craft glue or super glue gel works even better


diy gifts for christmas with solar lights 3 shows the supplies used in this project including solar lights, glue, ornaments, ribbon, wood, scissors, votives

How to easily make DIY Gifts for Christmas with Solar Lights:

  1. Start with your base. I used a repurposed spice rack that I picked up very inexpensively. But this is not necessary. You could use any piece of wood you have. You could use it unfinished, stained or painted–your choice. If you use a solid piece of wood, just glue the votives to the top of the wood. Secure the other decorations with some green craft styrofoam (also at the dollar store) and glue it to the wood.
  2. Twist off the top of the solar light from the plastic clear base. This is very easy to do. Be sure to pull out the plastic pull tab on the light in order for it to begin operation.
  3. Glue the light to the top of the votive with craft glue or super glue gel. Craft glue takes longer to dry. Super glue gel is quicker, but be careful not to glue your gifts for christmas with solar lights 4 shows how the top of the solar light fits inside the votive
  4. Twist the wire base of the spray decorations in a spiral direction. This actually helps to hold the spray inside each gifts for christmas with solar lights 5 shows how to bend the ornament spray decorations
  5. Run a thin ribbon through the light decorations and tie a small bow. Attach these to the top of each solar light with super glue gifts for christmas with solar lights 6 shows how to decorate the votives with bell decorations and bows
  6. I wanted to make sure that my project stayed securely in my kitchen window. So I ran a thin wire through some of the holes in the wood, ran the wire inside the open window, closed the window on the wire, and locked the window to make it all very gifts for christmas with solar lights 7 shows how to attach the project to your window
  7. I alternated the votive candle holders topped off with the solar lights and the Christmas spray decorations inside each hole in the wood. I had a few mini glitter light decorations left. Then I ran these through a long strand of thin ribbon and secured them around some of the votives, letting them hang down for additional gifts for christmas with solar lights 8 shows the completed project in the daylight

The most important things about this craft project:

You can change things up in many different ways to create different looks. For example:

  1. Use cut-glass votives or mini bar glasses for more reflection.
  2. Use any type of solid strip as the base, and glue everything on top.
  3. Instead of using floral sprays, use individual flowers, bulbs, beads, ribbons. The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: Just be sure that your decorations are small enough to fit in your window.

diy gifts for christmas with solar lights 9 shows the project at night

The solar lights will light up in the dark or dim light.

How long will my solar lights last?

Since these lights are not going to be exposed to the elements, they will last for many months. In fact, after Christmas, you could change up the decorations to reflect other holidays. In addition, when the light quits lighting up, simply change the battery or go purchase another light for $1.00.

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I would love to see what everyone comes up with when creating with solar lights. For another great solar light project, see my post Create the Best Solar Garden Lights. Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons has a post titled 60+ of the Best DIY Christmas Decorations you might like.

If you made this project, please leave me a comment, along with photos, so I can see what you did–xoxo Renea

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