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DIY Painted Jean Jacket



DIY Painted Jean Jacket 2 shows a full view of me wearing the red white and blue denim jacket

I have an old denim jean jacket that I rarely wear. I thought this would be the perfect time to dress it up with some red, white and blue colors. You could wear this jacket any time of year, but with Independence Day fast approaching, it would be perfect for watching the fireworks!


I recommend that you start with a jacket that you already have. You want to wash it, and you will probably want to iron it in certain areas to flatten where needed. The flatter the seams are, the more evenly the paint will go on.

I purchased my small paint trays and stencil brush from the dollar store. I could just have easily used a disposable plate. However, the stencil brush is a must for making the stars. I considered using the foam roller inside the paint trays, but I decided not to use those because I thought I would have more control with foam brushes.

I also purchased white and red fabric paint from Walmart. They did have a smaller tube, but I’m glad I got the bigger ones because you want to be sure to have enough.

I also had on hand painter’s tape, scissors, foam brushes and a star stencil. I really like my star stencil because it has about 20 stars on one stencil.

Supplies Used:

diy painted jean jacket 3 shows the supplies for this easy craft project

Back of the Jacket:

First, I started with the stars on the upper part of the back of the jacket. I squirted a good amount (about 1 tablespoon) of the white fabric paint in one of the paint trays. Using the stencil brush, I dabbed the end of the brush in the white paint and then dabbed it a few times in the dry part of the tray to evenly distribute the paint. Holding the stencil down firmly with my fingers, I started stenciling on the stars using a dabbing motion. When my brush needed more paint, I would repeat the process. It really is best if you don’t have a bunch of paint on each star because you have to reposition the stencil a few times to do the entire upper part of the jacket. When I was ready to reposition the stencil, I used a paper towel to gently blot any excess paint off.

diy painted jean jacket 4 shows taping off sections of the back of the jacket

Next, I used my painter’s tape to tape off two sections on the back of the jacket. I used the white paint on one side and the red paint on the other side. I used the other paint tray to hold the red paint. Then I went back to the white and added another coat of white and another coat of red. CAUTION: Do not take the tape off until you have done both coats.

To complete the back of the jacket, I stenciled stars on the back side of the wrist cuffs. I used the same process as outlined above to stencil the stars. NOTE: I did not use two coats on the stars because I thought it could get too messy and smear the stars.

I let the back side dry a couple of hours before proceeding with the front of the jacket. I like doing the front last because I think you know the process better on the second half of the project. And the front is seen more.

diy painted jean jacket 5 shows the front of the jacket with sections taped off and the star stencil

Front of the Jacket:

Again, I stenciled the top of the jacket with white stars, I stenciled the other side of the cuffs, and I stenciled three white stars on the little chest pockets. Then I taped off the center seamed area on both sides of the front. Using the foam brushes, I painted one side white and the other side red. Then I went back over each side again. At that point, I inspected the stars to make sure they were not misshaped. You could use a small paint brush or even a toothpick to carefully shape the stars with a little more paint. Keep in mind, you are not going for perfection with this project!

TIPS: If you get paint somewhere you do not want paint, as soon as you see it, use soap and water and rub it out. If that does not work, you could use a small amount of fingernail polish remover to dab it off. Then dab clean with soap and water. Another thing to consider, you will get paint on your fingers and nails. So you probably do not want a fresh manicure before completing this project.

You do not necessarily need to follow my directions completely. Get creative with this. Create your own unique design. Soon, everyone will be asking you where you got your DIY Painted Jean Jacket. And you can tell them it’s an original! Wren Glory has several hand painted denim jackets that sell for several hundred dollars you might want to check out. For another crafty project, see my post on DIY Lampshade Design.

If you like this project, please like and share it and let me know in the comments–Thanks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.