DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home

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DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home will give you tips for decorating shelves including floating shelving.

diy shelving ideas for your home 2 shows 4 decorated floating shelves

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I have been collecting nautical-theme decorating items ever since we lived in the Memphis area on a lake. Even though I no longer live on a lake, I still enjoy collecting these pieces for my home. Follow along while I give a few tips for DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home.

Floating Shelves are excellent to decorate with because they take up less space than a traditional shelving unit. They come in several different colors and sizes.  And you can mix and match different sizes to create any look you desire.

DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home

Traditional Shelving:

diy shelving ideas for your home 3 shows nautical decorations on traditional shelving

Instead of just throwing whatever on your shelves, it is a good idea to have a theme to create a cohesive design. Obviously, the above groupings have a nautical theme. In addition, I have a grouping with a wine/grape theme in the kitchen.

DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home

Floating Shelving:

diy shelving ideas for your home 4 shows grape theme shelves

I do occasionally change out some of the items on the shelves, especially during holidays. For example, I take out a bottle and replace it with a nutcracker at Christmastime. And sometimes I replace the pictures with holiday art.

The real trick to decorating your shelves is to stagger the height, and to some extent the width, of the items that you group together on each shelf. This type of decorating is more pleasing to the eye. Color can play an important part in decorating your shelves. As you can see, the nautical-themed groupings have a blue/green color scheme to mimic the water color. Another decorating trick is to use complimentary colors together. These are colors that are directly opposite on the color wheel (google it).

So you see, with a little collecting and proper placement, you too can achieve a cohesive design with your shelf decorating. DIY Shelving Ideas for your Home can help you along the way! For more on decorating, see my post on DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Decorating. has a great post titled DIY Bookshelf Ideas with many ideas to consider. Check it out!

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