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Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath

You don’t need to buy an expensive wreath for every holiday. My DIY Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath instructions give you everything you need to create beautiful holiday wreaths from one basic wreath base.

happy valentine's day wreath 2 shows a pink and red decorated wreath on the front door

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I have been looking for a basic wreath base for a couple of years now, and I finally found one I liked at Kohl’s which  is a silk boxwood. This one was discounted after Christmas for half price–so it was a win-win. I plan to change out the ribbons and decorations for each holiday, so stay tuned for more holiday wreath decorating.

Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath:

happy valentine's day wreath 3 shows my boxwood wreath with various ribbons and decorations ready to attach

I have a craft area in my office for all sorts of craft supplies including ribbons, bows and decorations. But, I did need a few extra decorations for this project that I purchased at the dollar store, so this is a relatively inexpensive craft project after the purchase of the wreath base. The first step is to gather all the decorations, ribbons and bows that you think you might want to use. If you have all the possibilities in front of you, you may be inspired once you start.

Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath:

happy valentine's day wreath 4 shows the wreath being decorated with ribbons and bows

The real secret to the project is the “layering.” And also knowing when to quit. I have to admit, I had some premade bows in my craft supplies already. That made the project somewhat easier. However, some of the bows I did make.

Making the Bows:

When you make a bow, you want to make sure you start with plenty of ribbon–several feet. Start by pinching/scrunching the end of the ribbon between your thumb and index finger. Make a loop with the ribbon and, again, pinch/scrunch the ribbon. Then make the loop for the other side of the bow, and pinch/scrunch all together in the middle. Continue this process until you have as many loops as you want. You want to scrunch tightly to give the bow more puffiness. I like to use floral wire to secure the bow in the middle. If you are going to secure the bow around the wreath, you will need a good amount of wire. To secure the bow in the middle with the wire, if you turn the bow instead of the wire to secure in the back of the bow, you will get a tighter bow.

Wreath Assembly:

I like to add the bows to the wreath first. Next, I layered some burlap ribbon, some heart silk ribbon and some heart beads (one on top of the other). I secured these in several places with hot glue. Once this was assembled, I carefully wrapped the wreath four times with this layered ribbon. To secure in the back, I made a “U” shape out of two paperclips and pushed them into the burlap ribbon at both ends and pushed this into the back of the wreath. Last, I stuck in some hearts on sticks under the ribbons and hot glued additional hearts inside the bows.

Flower Wreath:

The below image is a wreath I made a few years ago with flowers and ribbon that came from the dollar store. The base is a branch wreath.

happy valentine's day wreath 5 shows a white and red flower wreath


Since nothing on my Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath is permanently attached, it will be easy to transition to something for Mardi Gras. Looking for more decorating ideas, see my DIY Lampshade Design.  Need more inspiration, see the post from Better Homes and Gardens for Decorating.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.