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Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas

Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas was born when I went to a yard sale recently and saw a homemade advent calendar for sale for 75 cents.

crafty hot wheels advent calendar filler ideas 1

I liked the design, and someone had put a lot of time and thought into designing and crafting this piece. For 75 cents, I could not go wrong even though I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I brought it home and hung it in my kitchen hoping a bright idea would come to me. After a few days, an idea was born–thus, Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas.  Since my grandson, Tyler, loves those hot wheels cars, my idea was to fill the pockets with a new hot wheels car and add a daily piece of candy to the tree. First, I would need to assess the suitability of the calendar.

Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas:

crafty hot wheels advent calendar filler ideas 2

When I first bought the calendar, the numbers were not very noticeable, and some of the sequins had fallen off. Luckily, I had a package of sequins, so they were easy to replace.  These would hold the hangers for the candy. For the numbers, I used a product called Tulip glitter fabric paint. This really made the numbers pop.

I also had to find 24 hot wheels cars. For about $20.00, I was able to find a new package of 20 on Ebay. I had a few at my house for when Tyler came for a visit which would help fill out the calendar. As you can see from the photo, the end of the cars protrude out of the top of the pocket. I just look at it as an enticement for Tyler until he gets to see the whole thing on the day in December when he gets that particular car. However, if I were making the calendar, I believe I would have made the pockets a little bit longer.

Before you start this project, why not make a batch of my Pretzel Cookies to snack on while crafting.

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Instructions for Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas:

1. Determine the backing fabric you want to use. My suggestion is to lay 10 cars side by side and at least double this amount to determine the width you need. For the length, you are going to want to fold up the bottom of the material to make pockets for the bottom row of cars. You will also need enough room to add a second row of cars.

2. Using a large piece of green felt material, fold the felt in half and draw with a pencil the outline of one-half of the tree. When you get a design you are comfortable with, cut out the tree half and then unfold to achieve the full tree. Lay the tree on the backing fabric to be sure it will fit. With colorful felt material, cut four pockets for under the tree to hold cars 1-4. Using fabric glue on the edges, glue these to the backing fabric.

3. Using a colorful trim, add the garland to the tree using fabric glue. When this has dried, sew on 24 sequins to the tree to hold the candy. Use a seed bead on the top of each sequin before securing with a needle and thread. Use a fabric glue to glue the tree to the backing fabric. Add a felt-shaped star to the top, and if desired, use the fabric glitter to emphasize.

4. To make the pockets for the cars, with the same fabric you used for the backing fabric, cut a strip as wide as the backing and as high as the cars. Using a sewing machine, sew the bottom of this strip several inches up from the bottom of the backing fabric. Fold the bottom of the backing fabric up to form the bottom pockets. You may want to iron this to set the crease. Use your ruler to determine how wide each pocket should be for them to be evenly spaced. Using your sewing machine, sew a divider for the bottom and top row of pockets.

5. Finish off any exposed edges by folding over and sewing. Fold over the top of the backing fabric to form a place for a dowel and sew. Insert the dowel, and add trim for hanging.

6. Buy assorted candies for the tree. Use embroidery thread to attach the candy to the tree. Fill the pockets with the cars. There you have it, Hot Wheels – Advent Calendar Filler Ideas.Did you make this recipe? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments and give it a star rating.  Thanks so much!

Did you make this? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments.  Thanks so much!

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