How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio

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How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio will give you step-by-step instructions to have that old patio furniture looking like new again!

how to repaint furniture for your patio 2 shows my finished patio furniture repainted green

I have had this patio furniture for a number of years, and I just love it because the chairs are coiled on the sides, basically making them a rocking chair. This is the second time I have repainted them. Even though they look very light, in fact, they are made of solid metal making them perfect for repainting. Any time I can redo or repurpose instead of throw out, I believe that is the way to go. Let me show you How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio so you too can make your patio furniture look like new again.

As in most projects, the prep is at least half of the work in this project. What I like to do is use a metal scraper to lift up as much of the old paint as possible. Then I like to take my garden hose and, using the most powerful setting on the nozzle, spray all of the furniture to further lift up any loose paint. Allow this to dry at least a couple of hours. Give the set another good scraping again with the metal scraper. As you can see from the image below, I was able to get down to the metal in several places on these chairs.

How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio:

how to repaint furniture for your patio 3 shows 2 chairs that have been scraped

Once you get everything scraped down well, including the table, it is time to paint. Be sure you are painting on a day that is relatively wind free if you are using spray paint. You could also use a roller, paint and paint tray, but (you know me), I like the quick and easy. By using spray paint, the actual painting took no more than 15 minutes. I like to paint with the same color as what I had which is much easier. I used 2 1/2 cans of green spray paint. If you were changing colors, you would need more paint, and it would be more difficult to get complete coverage. I like to lay a large plastic paint drop down on my grass to paint on.  Keep in mind, this will probably temporarily kill the grass underneath it.

How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio:

how to repaint furniture for your patio 4 shows painted furniture on plastic paint drape


I painted one coat of paint on each piece and waited about an hour to dry completely. Then I went over each piece with an eagle eye and spot painted any areas I might have missed. And I still have half a can of paint left just in case I need it for spot touchups.

So you see, you too can learn How to Repaint Furniture for Your Patio. Do the earth a favor and reuse and recycle. For other painting projects, see my post on Bundt Pan Hand Painted Planter Pot.

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