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Ideas for Christmas Wreath Gift Giving

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Are you looking for some quick and easy last-minute gift-giving ideas? Look no further than my post titled Ideas for Christmas Wreath Gift Giving.

ideas for Christmas wreath gift giving 2 shows a gold trim wreath and a white trim wreath hanging on my china cabinet


If you are like me, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done around the holidays. I do like to give out personal handmade gifts, but I do not have much time to get them done. Plus, I just do not have the patients for any elaborate projects. This project was the perfect solution. I was able to make several unique wreaths in a short amount of time, all with its own unique theme.

These are the BEST Christmas wreath ideas, and here is why:

  • I had most of the supplies already on-hand. If you do crafts, you will too!
  • If you can use a glue gun, that is about all the skill that is required in this project.
  • These wreaths will last for years. In fact, I have one that I have had for over 20 years.

To make this craft project, you will need:

  • wreath base – natural or spray painted any color – branch, foam, wire, hoop, etc.
  • floral spray  – with a holiday theme
  • silk flowers – coordinating colors
  • glue gun – and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • decorations – just about anything in the appropriate size would work (buttons, pins, beads, etc.)
  • ribbon – holiday colors

ideas for Christmas wreath gift giving 3 shows the supplies needed including branch wreath, ribbon, floral spray, silk flowers, scissors, glue gun and decorations

How to easily make this holiday craft project:

  1. Decide on your wreath base. This can be a natural or spray-painted branch wreath. Other possibilities are silk boxwood, straw, grapevine, wire, hoop or foam.
  2. Decide on the ribbon you want to use based on the color. This can be wired or unwired.
  3. You may want to decide on the floral sprays, silk flowers and decorations you want to use first. This will determine what color of ribbon you want to use.
  4. Start by winding the ribbon around the wreath base. Do not cut the ribbon until you are finished winding because the winding process requires a lot of ribbon. Using the glue gun, carefully cut and glue the ribbon unto the back of the base. Or just tie the ribbon together in the back. Another possibility is to tie it in the front as a bow.
  5. Decide if you want to just put the adornments on the top of the wreath or around the parameter. Attach these with the hot glue.
  6. If you have used a branch base, you can simply use a large wire Christmas ornament hanger hooked on to a branch as your hanger for the wreath.

ideas for Christmas wreath gift giving 4 shows 9 unique wreaths hanging in a row

ideas for Christmas wreath gift giving 5 shows the wreaths hanging above a window

NOTE: The most important thing to remember about this easy craft/DIY project is that there are no rules: you decide on the wreath base, you decide on the colors, you decide on the ribbon, you decide on the adornments, you decide on the theme.

After you make my Ideas for Christmas Wreath Gift Giving, you will understand why I call it a BEST project. If you are looking for another craft/recipe project perfect for gift giving, try my Christmas Tree Almond Bark Recipe. Are you looking to spray paint your own branch wreath? See the post from A Spectacled Owl titled DIY Painted Grapevine Wreath.

Click HERE for more about Inspire a Creation.

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