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St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Wreath

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Take that Happy Valentine’s Day Wreath right into the next season with my St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Wreath. Follow along for this easy Do It Yourself.

st. patrick's day holiday wreath 2.1 shows a green decorated wreath for the front door

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This is the second post in a series of posts regarding decorating a silk boxwood wreath. This wreath was clearanced at half price at Kohl’s after Christmas. My plan is to redecorate it for every holiday; so I will definitely get a bang for my bucks from the wreath purchase.

St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Wreath


st. patrick's day holiday wreath 4 shows the supplies used for the wreath

The first step is to gather or purchase the supplies that you want to decorate with. I keep a handy selection of ribbons, bows, trim and decorations in my craft supplies just for this purpose. However, I did go to my local dollar store for some additional decor. I found a nice feather boa and a decorated headband that were perfect for my needs.

St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Wreath:

st. patrick's day holiday wreath 5 shows a bow being made


When I make a bow, I often use pieces of ribbon that I have on hand. This means that I rarely have enough for a full bow. That does not matter to me. I actually like to layer different colors and textures to make one interesting and appealing bow. I just use the ribbon that I have and finish that piece off with floral wire to cinch in the middle. Then I move on to the next and do the same thing. In the above example, I used three different ribbons to complete the bow. Once each one was complete, I just gathered them up together in the middle and cinched them all together in the middle with floral wire.

Completing the Wreath:

I took apart the decorated headband by cutting apart the various streamers and ornaments. I laid the streamers at the top and attached the bow to the top of the wreath and over the top of the streamers. Then I twisted the wire firmly on the back of the wreath. I wrapped the boa and some ric-rac trim around the body of the wreath. These were secured in the back with some bent paperclips pushed into the wreath to hold in place. I cut apart a bunch of silk flowers and tucked them under the secured bow. Then I also tucked some padded shamrocks and coin decorations in around the bow.

Nothing on this wreath is permanent. In fact, I did not even get out the hot glue gun. Need more inspiration for front door decor? See the post from Pottery Barn for Front Door Decorating.

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