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Welcome Autumn Decorating Ideas

Welcome Autumn Decorating Ideas will give you inspiration to make that attractive fall vignette to greet all of your guests. Let’s get started!

welcome autumn decorating ideas 2 shows scarecrows, flowers, pumpkins at my front door

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This is the time of year when the weather starts to cool off a bit, and my thoughts turn to autumn decorating. Next to Christmas, this is one of my favorite times to decorate. In fact, I have so much, I start with the fall decorating in early September, and by early October, I add the Halloween decorations. And some of the fall decorations can go right into Thanksgiving.

A fall grouping such as the one above is fairly easy to accomplish. I start with a bale of straw which can be obtained from your home improvement store. As you can see, Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow sit on top of the straw, along with the kids and grandkids. Then, strategically place mums, pumpkins, dried flowers, indian corn and jack-o-lanterns to make an eye-pleasing arrangement. The sky is really the limit.

Welcome Autumn Decorating Ideas:

welcome autumn decorating ideas 3 shows a fall wreath made from a branch wreath and fall decorations

Another fun project is to buy a branch wreath as a base and decorate it with all sorts of fall decorations such as flowers, birds, leaves. acorns, etc, etc, etc, along with a big fall bow. I have been using the above wreath for about three years now, and every year when I pull it out of the storage bag, I have to get my glue gun out and put some of the decorations back on. This one does get wear-and-tear from the outside elements. If you wanted to keep yours inside, I believe it would last longer.

Welcome Autumn Decorating Ideas:

welcome autumn decorating ideas 4 shows the front of my house with a fall wreath and guarding scarecrows

The above image is of the front of my house. As you can see, the wreath goes nicely between the windows. The medium-size scarecrows, along with smaller baby-size, are standing watch.

So as you can see, I love to decorate for fall. You will too if you follow my Welcome Autumn Decorating Ideas. For more autumn decorating ideas, see Country Living Magazine (one of my favorites.) For fall gardening, see my post on Growing the Best Fall Mums.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.