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What “Inspire a Creation” is all About–Quick and Easy

You may wonder, “What Inspire a Creation is all about.” Well, let me tell you–quick and easy. I will start with my:

Mission Statement:

Inspire a Creation will open up “Quick and Easy” ideas to others to unleash their creative side. While teaching others, my knowledge base will expand, and that, in turn, will be shared with others. The goal for Inspire a Creation is to become a widely-known reference of information for the experienced and inexperienced creator.

With that Mission Statement in mind, I will expand a little on what I hope to accomplish here. Since patience is not one of my virtues, I needed to create a blog where I could share ideas that did not require a lot of time. I believe most people today feel the same way. We are all being pulled in a million different directions–from spouses, home, work, kids, etc., etc., etc. This blog will concentrate on the “quick and easy” way of doing. For example, you will find many of my recipes use convenience items such as cake mixes to cut out some of the steps required without sacrificing the quality.

For more information on me, see my About page.  Come grow with me!

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